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China Unicom says FCC's action unjustifiable

by Checkup Suppliers 07/02/2022

China Unicom Global Ltd said on Thursday that the US Federal Communications Commission's order to revoke the section 214 authority of its wholly owned subsidiary in the US lacked any justifiable grounds.

The company said in a statement that China Unicom (Americas) Operations Ltd, also known as CUA, has received FCC's revocation order on its 214 authorizations on February 2, 2022.

"CUA has a good record of complying with relevant US laws and regulations and providing telecommunication services and solutions as a reliable partner of its customers in the past two decades," China Unicom said.

"As for the order issued by FCC to revoke CUA's 214 authorization without any justifiable grounds and without affording required due process, CUA would act proactively to protect the rights and interests of the company and its customers," the company added.

China Unicom said it will also closely follow the development of the situation.

Source:  China Daily / Ma Si

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